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Pregnancy, Birth Trauma and the Transition to Motherhood

  /    /  Pregnancy, Birth Trauma and the Transition to Motherhood

I believe that from the moment one either finds out they are, or decides to attempt to become pregnant, a whole host of emotions can emerge.  The process and evolution one goes through from trying to conceive, conception, pregnancy, pregnancy loss and through birth and into motherhood is profound.

As a society, we have lost a lot of the traditional support systems of living with or near extended family units and support networks.  Different people struggle in different ways navigating these experiences and adjusting to this new aspect of our identity.

If you would like therapeutic support or if you believe your mental health has been impacted by trying to conceive, pregnancy loss, your pregnancy or birth experiences or you are struggling with early motherhood please do contact me to arrange a session.  In light of the upheaval this time in one’s life can bring – sessions can include partners, babies and other children and can be done remotely to ensure you have access to support when you need it.

Contact me now to find out more about what I offer.

Dr Farrah Collins is on leave from September 2022 - Summer 2023 and will not be seeing clients during this time. If you are struggling and are in need of urgent assistance please contact your GP, out of hours service or go to A and E. For more mental health support visit Mind.