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Birth Debrief Sessions

Birth is an incredibly powerful and primal experience, and mothers often hope that everything will go according to plan, with both mother and baby emerging healthy and ready for the “fourth trimester.” However, this isn’t always the case, and the process often provides little time and space for addressing one’s mental health. If the birth didn’t go as planned or if the experience has had a detrimental impact on your mental well-being, you may not have had the opportunity to focus on yourself or your healing. This can be further exacerbated by the focus on the newborn, sleep deprivation, and physical pain and recovery.

Conversely, even if the birth experience was positive, the busy aftermath may not have allowed you the time to process or discuss the experience fully.

This is where a 90-minute, one-off session can be helpful. Working in this way requires us to be focused and intentional. We will explore your birth experience, examine your personal narratives, assess where you are currently, and identify the resources you may need going forward. If you believe you have experienced birth trauma, we can explore trauma stabilization techniques and discuss options for additional support.

It is important to note that these sessions are primarily focused on your mental and emotional well-being rather than your physical health. Newborns are welcome to be present during in-person sessions or included in video calls.

Your mental health matters, and taking the time to address and process your birth experience can be invaluable for your overall well-being. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to schedule a session or learn more about how I can support you.