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Infertility and Pregnancy Loss

The path to parenthood often deviates from the expected plan. Many individuals and couples experience extended periods of trying to conceive, encounters with pregnancy loss, or the realization that conception may not be possible for them. Some may undergo fertility testing, surgeries, or procedures aimed at enhancing fertility, while others embark on journeys involving assisted reproductive technologies such as IVF, surrogacy, or the use of donors. The outcomes of these experiences can vary greatly, ranging from successful pregnancies to the difficult decision to discontinue efforts altogether.

Throughout these complex journeys, individuals often face significant emotional and psychological challenges. They may feel isolated from those around them who have conceived easily, recently announced pregnancies, or have children of their own. In such circumstances, therapy can provide a unique and invaluable space for exploration, processing, and moving forward, regardless of where one finds themselves on their fertility journey.

If you are seeking support during this difficult and challenging time, please do not hesitate to contact me.

If you are seeking support around pregnancy loss or miscarriage, I offer specific 90-minute sessions.