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Pregnancy, Birth Trauma and the Transition to Motherhood

I firmly believe that the journey of becoming a parent, starting from the moment one discovers or decides to pursue pregnancy, is accompanied by a range of complex emotions. The process of trying to conceive, conception, pregnancy, pregnancy loss, and the transition into motherhood is deeply transformative.

In our modern society, many traditional support systems, such as living in close proximity to extended family units and strong support networks, have become less prevalent. As a result, individuals face unique challenges as they navigate these experiences and adjust to this new dimension of their identity.

If you are seeking therapeutic support or believe that your mental health has been affected by issues related to conception, pregnancy loss, the pregnancy itself, or the birth experience, or if you are encountering difficulties in early motherhood, please do not hesitate to reach out to me. I can help you arrange a session tailored to your needs. Considering the upheaval that this period in your life can bring, these sessions can include partners, babies, and other children, and can be conducted remotely to ensure that you have access to support whenever you require it.

Moreover, I am also available to provide brief and focused support if you are seeking a one-off session for a birth debrief or pregnancy loss support. These 90-minute sessions are designed to explore your experiences, identify ongoing support options, discuss available resources, and determine how you would like to proceed on your journey.

Feel free to contact me now to learn more about the services I offer and how I can assist you in your unique situation.