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Difference, Diversity and Identity

My doctoral thesis focused on examining the influence of difference on therapy. As a woman with South Asian heritage, aspects of identity, diversity, and difference hold significant relevance in both my professional and personal life. This has fueled my research and therapeutic interests in these areas.

I am aware that Psychology and Therapy often lack adequate representation of minority groups. If you identify as Black, African, or Asian and are seeking therapy, or if you wish to discuss issues related to identity, diversity, or difference, I encourage you to reach out to me.

Choosing a therapist who shares your racial identity or someone who is open to exploring and understanding your experience of being racially “othered” can be a challenging decision. I am more than willing to address this during an initial call to determine what would be most suitable for you.

For additional information, support, and access to a directory of Black, African, or Asian therapists, I recommend visiting the BAATN (Black, African and Asian Therapy Network) website.